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How We Give Back

How We Give Back

We develop print and digital content for higher education, so we understand how having the right resources in place makes learning possible. Each month, we go beyond business as usual by donating to public school teachers through the online charity The charity is based on a simple concept: teachers post classroom project requests online, and then donors give money to fund specific projects. More often than not, the classrooms in need are located in high-poverty areas, so donors can count on their gifts making a serious difference in kids’ lives. Every month, a team member reviews the website and chooses a project from If there is a different charity that they would like to choose, they can do so. We ask employees to focus on education.

Knowing that we’re helping students get the resources they need is enough of a reason to keep giving, but it is an extra treat to hear directly from the teachers. We donated an iPad to a classroom at St. Louis’ Oakhill Elementary, where 100% of students receive free lunch, and the teacher immediately responded, “I have found that some of the students are going home and requesting that their parents download some of the apps that we are using in our classroom to help them with adding/subtracting, sight words, phonics, etc.” In an underfunded school where poverty is the norm and students may not always receive the individual attention they need, we’re glad to help kids take their schoolwork home.

Since the start of the year, our donations have also purchased a mini-iPad to improve students’ verbal skills in Lafayette, IN, bought interactive games to refine students’ math skills in Muncie, IN, and funded a program that allows students to check out digital books through the public library in Frankfort, IN. It’s good to know that we’re helping out struggling areas of the public school system, but the most rewarding part of donating is always getting feedback from the students themselves. Rachael, one of our coworkers, has attended a few scholarship dinners of ACE Mentoring of Indiana, a high school architecture, construction, and engineering program that she selected for a contribution. As she puts it, “the looks on some of the kids’ faces when they get their scholarships are absolutely priceless. Plus, they get an oversized novelty check … so what’s not to like!”



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