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How to Save Money on Healthcare

How to Save Money on Healthcare

All of us have healthcare horror stories. For me, my healthcare horror stories are all centered around my father’s diagnosis, treatment, and death from early onset dementia. Trying to figure out how to afford the care he deserved, knowing that I still had to hold a full-time job to help take care of my own family was stressful. My experience led to my team creating a series of books to help people navigate our confusing sickness system (I don’t call it a health system). Insurance, medicare, medicaid, nursing homes, home health care, and so forth all require making difficult decisions based on an unpredictable future.

We all know that healthcare is expensive, especially care for a person with a long-term illness. According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 90 percent of the nation’s $3.3 trillion annual healthcare costs involves just two populations of patients: patients with mental health conditions and patients with long-term health conditions. Insurance doesn’t absorb all of those costs by any means. An estimated 57 percent of insured Americans have received unexpected medical bills for services not covered by their insurance. The costs of caring for a loved one with a long-term illness can also be deceptive. You not only have to contend with medical expenses—the total cost of which, with a long illness, are impossible to accurately predict—but also non-medical expenses such as cost-of-living issues that you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

We wrote How to Save Money on Healthcare to help you understand the confusing array of costs associated with long-term illness as well as to give you as many options as possible for covering those costs. We help you unpack the information in those scary medical bills and understand how to read those bills, how to know if you’ve been overcharged, and how to fix it if you have been overcharged. We help you understand all the options you have for paying medical expenses, including the different types of insurance and government aid. We help you protect your loved one’s personal wealth, including how to keep your loved one safe from the scammers who target the sick and the elderly. We help you explore alternative, out-of-the-box solutions to saving on costs such as seeking medical treatment or even retiring abroad, buying prescription medicine from Canada, or simply learning about what community resources can be of help. We even outline healthier life choices that not only help prevent future medical costs, but also lower stress and improve quality of life.

How to Save Money on Healthcare can help you anticipate the total costs of care and take advantage of the abundant resources that exist to help you pay for those costs. No single, one-size-fits-all solution exists to pay for these costs, but if you understand the options available to you, you won’t need that single solution because you’ll know how to attack this problem from a variety of angles. Don’t try to shoulder this burden alone. Recognize that resources are out there to help you.

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