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Caring for Aging Parents: Navigating the Journey

By Rachael Mann   The last couple of years have come with big milestones for my parents: retiring, celebrating their forty-fifth anniversary, and turning seventy. It has brought me so much joy to see them enjoying all of it. But it has been frightening, too. I’ve noticed my parents “winding down.” Mom used to be a housecleaning wizard; now there’s dust bunnies on the rug. Dad used to love tending […]

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How to Save Money on Healthcare

All of us have healthcare horror stories. For me, my healthcare horror stories are all centered around my father’s diagnosis, treatment, and death from early onset dementia. Trying to figure out how to afford the care he deserved, knowing that I still had to hold a full-time job to help take care of my own family was stressful. My experience led to my team creating a series of books to […]

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With BELS On (or, How I Earned My Editor of Life Sciences Certification)

Guest post by Sarah Felde, Special Projects Manager for WilliamsTown Communications Does the acronym BELS ring a bell? If you’re a writer, editor, or publisher of biology-related content, it might. Founded in 1991, the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences—or BELS—is a professional organization that awards credentials to manuscript editors with expertise in the life sciences. If you’re not familiar with BELS, don’t worry! I first heard of BELS […]

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