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Our Editorial Director On Academia, Leading, and Publishing

Karen Kassel is the Editorial Director for WilliamsTown Communications. Karen has a strong academic background and years of experience in scientific research and writing. Here she talks about how she came to WilliamsTown, why she enjoys the editorial field, and what it means to her to lead a team of talented writers and editors. What is your academic background? I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Tabor College (a […]

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With BELS On (or, How I Earned My Editor of Life Sciences Certification)

Guest post by Sarah Felde, Special Projects Manager for WilliamsTown Communications Does the acronym BELS ring a bell? If you’re a writer, editor, or publisher of biology-related content, it might. Founded in 1991, the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences—or BELS—is a professional organization that awards credentials to manuscript editors with expertise in the life sciences. If you’re not familiar with BELS, don’t worry! I first heard of BELS […]

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