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Our Editorial Director On Academia, Leading, and Publishing

Karen Kassel is the Editorial Director for WilliamsTown Communications. Karen has a strong academic background and years of experience in scientific research and writing. Here she talks about how she came to WilliamsTown, why she enjoys the editorial field, and what it means to her to lead a team of talented writers and editors. What is your academic background? I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Tabor College (a […]

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Writing an Effective E-Learning Course

Guest post by Sean Dixon When writing scripts for online courses, I look at what I’m writing about as though I’m seeing it for the first time. I need to empty myself of my assumptions about the material, my biases about it, and even my enthusiasm for it. I can’t assume anyone reading a course I write will share those assumptions and biases or that enthusiasm. But more importantly, all of that […]

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By Sam Clapp Gone are the days when writing a book meant receiving a mountain of rejection letters from publishers. Thanks to the increasing popularity of e-books, it’s easier than ever to get a book out of your head and into the hands of readers. In the last few months, the writers at WilliamsTown Communications have been working to publish the Alzheimer’s Roadmap series, a sequence of no-nonsense reference manuals […]

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Using Our Challenges to Help Others

I zealously guard my time. Time is the only thing we have that is precious and the only thing that cannot be bought. And when my father was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, time became even more of a priority for me because I realized that we never know how much time we have left. It’s tempting to think, and I’m sure that we all do think, that we will […]

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Believe In Yourself But Don’t Be a Fool (or Why I Use Kickstarter)

Growing up, my mom used to tell me “Believe in yourself,” and dad would add, “but don’t be a fool.” I took that to mean that I could do anything, but that doesn’t mean I can do everything or that I can do everything well. When I started my business, I quickly learned that my parents were right. I can, and have, put an amazing team together. I can, and […]

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Managing Conflict with Your Boss and Emotional Intelligence

I’ve had the great fortune of working with several incredible and talented authors. Annie McKee is one of them. One of the authors of the classic Primal Leadership as well as Resonant Leadership, she also wrote an incredibly engaging textbook called Management: A Focus on Leaders. I worked with Annie on both editions and her intellectual curiosity coupled with her ability to handle pressure in an uplifting and positive way […]

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Freelance Writing Meets Online Education: How to Get Involved

The incredible growth of online education represents the largest financial opportunity for freelance writers in history. Online education in the U.S. is a $60 billion industry and analysts predict it will double in size over the next two years and globally it is a $4.4. trillion industry. Once relegated to for-profit distance education, online learning is now used in corporations, high schools, traditional four-year institutions, and graduate schools. Many of […]

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