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e-Learning Course Development

e-Learning Course Development

WilliamsTown Communications has created online courses addressing a diverse array of student and client needs. We can develop entire curricula for clients, composing original courses in our areas of specialization while performing every necessary function:

  • instructional design
  • subject matter expertise
  • scripting
  • onscreen development
  • audio narration
  • quality assurance
  • course delivery
  • ongoing post-delivery support

Student-Focused Design

WilliamsTown designs its courses with the student at the center of the process, never losing sight of needs of the people who will learn from the courses.  Based on client needs, our courses can follow a traditional format or more innovative development techniques that include character-driven narratives, interactions, and audio to create the feel of peer-based collaboration for students who work through the courses on their own. Our courses speak to students, not down to them, giving them the answers without making them feel judged.

Media Rich

WilliamsTown courses can incorporate a diverse array of animations and interactions as well as provide audio narration that purposefully engages students with the material. These elements do not distract from the learning content but instead are an important part of how the material is presented. If a client doesn’t require such a high level of media content, we can scale the amount and complexity of these elements to fit the client’s special requirements.

Diversity of Approach

WilliamsTown courses incorporate the major sense-based learning preferences into their teaching style, engaging students through sight, sound, and physical interaction. Students must interact with onscreen activities to complete the contents of each lesson, and each screen incorporates motion and sound to immerse the student in the content. We recognize that students learn in different ways and incorporate those approaches into the learning content.

Modular Approach

WilliamsTown designs its courses with adaptability for the client in mind. The modular approach allows clients to choose the lessons that best fit their special purposes and arrange those lessons in the most advantageous way for them. Although we design every course with an overall flow and logic, clients can define their own path through the course material, if so desired.

Flexibility of Instructor Involvement

Organizations can opt for a self-paced model where students find their own way through the instructional content. Clients can also opt for a more tailored model of instructor involvement where instructors can focus on student needs and performance without being as concerned with daily course maintenance. Our courses can also be tailored to work well with a high level of instructor involvement. The level of instructor intervention in the daily operation of each course is up to the client and its instructors.

Adaptable Scale and Scope

Not all clients want or need the same depth of content, level of interactivity, and complexity of presentation. WilliamsTown recognizes this and will build and customize each course to fit each client’s particular needs. We take the budget and instructional requirements of its clients seriously and will build to the specifications required. If clients later choose to add on to and extend existing course content, we will customize or create whatever content is required.