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Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

We understand each industry has its specific business processes and success factors. At WilliamsTown, we’ve developed education and training courses for a variety of industries.

To create the best content and e-learning courses for you, we need to fully comprehend your needs.  That’s why we’ve assembled a staff who have expertise in five focus industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Life Sciences
  • Technology
  • Banking

Our staff has first-hand knowledge of the industry terminology, business processes, and key business issues in these industry verticals.  We bring this knowledge and proven delivery excellence to every client relationship.

Knowing a key industry means not only possessing a depth of knowledge pertaining to that industry, but also understanding what makes that industry work and its critical success factors.  Knowledge alone is not enough. The application of that knowledge to business processes that improve productivity and reduce risk is of critical importance to success.

Custom Teams

WilliamsTown provides specialized services that range from content customization to online course creation to turnkey LMS delivery. For every project, we staff our project teams with the staff members whose talents and knowledge are best suited to the client’s specific circumstances.

Different clients have different levels of need and might require a combination of approaches to achieve their goals. Limitations of budget and schedule may also impose constraints on the nature and scope of projects. WilliamsTown staff members have extensive experience in adapting their work to the particular needs of each individual client.

Client-Specific Development

The team at WilliamsTown are experts in the process of content creation and customization. We can manage the entire process of creating complete solutions for clients, or we can help clients develop or streamline their own in-house processes. Whether handling all of the project management or partnering with clients to extend their own project management capabilities, our staff can adapt their workflow to the demands of the current project. Our client teams have deep industry knowledge.

Subject Matter Experts

WilliamsTown Communications employs subject matter experts in a number of key content areas and technologies. We make a constant effort to increase the education and skills sets of its staff to build competitive solutions and responds to the needs of an always-evolving marketplace. We’ve helped clients develop their own in-house talent to be more versatile and competitive.