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We recognize that reliability is of the utmost importance to our clients.  Meeting project milestones, producing high quality products, and being responsive to client requests are critical to project success.

Our LEARNER Methodology

Our proprietary methodology, called LEARNER, encompasses the vital factors of project success. This proven methodology puts the client and their learners front and center in the design process. With the LEARNER methodology, we combine ongoing audience analysis and client feedback with the latest in cognitive research.

We evaluate core materials for areas that need improvement, analyze opportunities for learner interaction with the material, and test the final product to ensure a superior learning experience.

Adherence to Schedule

We have a track record of delivering complex projects on tight deadlines.  Our clients turn to us with the expectation we’ll deliver on their schedules.  WilliamsTown is a partner clients can trust to deliver timely and effective solutions.  We’ve demonstrated success in maintaining rigorous standards while meeting the demands of complicated and difficult schedules.  This means clients can rest assured they’ll get what they need – on schedule.

Clients need projects to complete successfully on time in order to achieve their targets. We take schedules seriously, maintaining a strong focus on delivering solutions within the agreed-upon timeframes. Our deadline-focused commitment remains steady throughout every project, from initial planning through completion.

High Quality

WilliamsTown delivers the solutions clients need for their unique purposes. Not taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach, our team will deliver a product or service customized to the client’s individual needs and context.  Not all clients have the same level and scope of need, and WilliamsTown tailors its solutions to suit the budgetary and other obligations of individual clients. The WilliamsTown team is mindful of not exceeding clients’ needs but instead giving clients exactly what they’ve requested.


We’re responsive to the needs and priorities of clients.  We put the client first, flexibly meeting client priorities and steadily progressing toward project completion on time and on budget. Lines of communication are always open, and the status of each project will be transparent to the client.  Our clients are kept advised of project status and progress.  Any issues that may arise during the course of the project will be brought to the client’s attention and resolved in a timely manner.