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Writing and Editing

Writing and Editing

Original Writing

WilliamsTown Communications can write original content for clients in its areas of specialization: health care, education, technology, life sciences, and banking. We research and verify original content exhaustively and create unique examples and scenarios that address specific client needs. Our writing team can customize our solutions for each client, whether this involves filling gaps in existing material or creating completely new material from the ground up.


If clients need improvements or updates to its existing content, WilliamsTown can customize client materials to order. We can streamline existing content, re-edit the content, synthesize different content pieces into newly unified materials, and recommend new uses for existing content. We can also improve existing content by writing new content to augment and expand the previous material.

Writing for Different Contexts

Clients with content needs that cross organizational boundaries and apply to different audiences require flexibility and adaptability. WilliamsTown can create or customize content for both the internal and external purposes of clients. We can modify existing content to apply to different audience needs and expectations or create brand-new content targeted to specific demographics and applications.

Consulting Services

Clients that create their own training content in-house might need help editing and improving their work. WilliamsTown can consult with clients to develop and streamline their existing content services. We can also help develop innovation leaders in the client’s organization to improve and extend their knowledge base and competitive talents.

Client-Centered Approach

WilliamsTown tailors its products and services to the needs of each client. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Clients can take our existing content off the shelf if that suits their present purposes and budget, or we can develop and create any solution clients require. Many clients need a blend of approaches and content types, and we can work with clients to create solutions that perfectly fit the client’s needs and expectations.

Development of Electronic Assets

Many clients are looking to augment their print content with new electronic assets. WilliamsTown can recommend solutions for such assets when they can usefully complement or replace existing print content, and then we can make these solutions a reality by creating a variety of electronic assets. Whether transforming print content into digital assets or creating a blend of the two approaches, we can create a custom solution to meet any client need.