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About WilliamsTown

We are at the intersection of education and technology. Although the scenery constantly changes with evolving technology and innovation in design, the “rules of the sky” and the ultimate destination stays the same.  Whether content is printed or digital or interactive, we’ve made a commitment to produce high quality learning. The foundation for commitment is our beliefs:

Who you take on the trip is important to success.

The seats on our plane are occupied by talented individuals who are well read, intelligent, proactive, and problem solvers. Each member has unique talents that are suited to specific projects. We have PhDs, former college instructors,  eLearning visionaries, and gifted writers on the plane. It takes all of us to get where we want to go.

You need a map, not a GPS

GPS systems, like the experts, have flaws. Many times they are right, but sometimes they will steer you off a cliff. In designing an educational program, we survey the entire landscape. Often, many different routes can get you to the same destination, but some routes are superior to others. Some routes can get you there quicker, easier, and with less hassle. We then research the pitfalls and advantages of each route and marry that research with our research into the psychocognitive needs of our audience.

Keep stops to a minimum

Students don’t need superior educational tools tomorrow, they need them yesterday. We understand the need for aggressive timelines. We work smart and diligently to deliver products quickly without compromising quality.

Point out alternate routes

If we see a way a product or process can be improved, we freely suggest the improvements to our clients. We have been able to dramatically improve on original timelines by suggesting alternative processes.

We believe educational products matter. We fully recognize that our work can help learners understand the material, acquire knowledge, and improve their performance. Learners who use the products we produce are seeking a better life for themselves, and we’re here to help them achieve their goals.