Content Creation

Learning starts with content. For subject mastery to occur, the learner must be captivated with interesting content that they can apply to their individual lives.

We have written content for learners in subjects as diverse as healthcare, pharmacology, terrorism, banking, art, and management.

In addition to our in-house staff of content creators, we also work with a large network of writers around the country. Our content team customizes solutions for each client and works in a collaborative fashion.

If you want content created, we have extensive experience.

In addition to our in-house SMEs, we work with a network of SMEs in dozens of topics to

  • Create content that commands the learners’ attention through narration scripts and storyboards

  • Create interactive exercises throughout the content to ensure subject mastery

  • Create facilitator guides and additional resources to support both the learner and instructor

If you need content created, we have extensive experience.

Our staff has knowledge in a broad array of subject matters.

With an effective eLearning strategy in hand, we can help you execute it. We work with you to:

  • Design comprehensive learning objectives

  • Compose engaging and interactive content to support objectives

  • Script scenario-based learning opportunities

  • Create assessments and case studies to demonstrate mastery of the objectives

Learner Focused

We work with you to determine who the learners are, how they learn, and what their psychosocial profiles are. We then tailor our courses and content to meet their educational needs in a way that is best suited to improve their performance.

Many clients need a blend of approaches and content types, and we can create blended solutions that meet the client’s needs and expectations.

Different Contexts

Clients with content needs that cross organizational boundaries and apply to different audiences require flexibility and adaptability.

We can create and customize content for both the internal and external purposes of clients. We create brand-new content targeted to specific demographics and applications.

Client-Centered Approach

We tailor our products and services to your needs.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Clients can take our existing content off the shelf if that suits their present purposes and budget, or we can develop and create any solution clients require.

Many clients need a blend of approaches and content types, and we can work with clients to create solutions that perfectly fit the client’s needs and expectations.